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“Creating athletes of action in life and sport – A club movement”

The world has changed, so it’s time to adapt, learn, grow and revamp our delivery of competitive sports tuition.  With our athletes at the forefront of our minds when developing new programmes, we have looked into the latest research regarding what is causing athletes to drop out of competitive sport in their teenage years, while also observing and discussing with our athletes and parents about what they want to get out of their youth sports experience.  We have also reflected on our learning over the past 6 years of having competitive athletes in our club and we have looked at what has worked, what hasn’t and what could be done better.  As a result, we have come up with our new “Academy” programme which is has been designed to provide athletes (ages 11-18) with a more holistic approach to their sports experience.

Our Academy Programme is based on a 6 month commitment and we only take up to 16 athletes into our academy programme.  Our Academy package includes:

  • 2x Academy Training sessions per week (Tuesdays & Thursdays, 5-7pm) with coaches Ashleigh McCaw and Natalie Cossey.  Wellbeing surveys are completed by the athletes prior to their sessions starting.  Our coaches review these and take into consideration the energy levels, injuries/health conditions, and goals of each athlete and adapt session plans around the needs of the athletes.
  • Prep Class (4-5pm Tuesdays & Thursdays).  This runs in our upstairs “Academy Club House/Classroom” where our athletes have time and space to have their snacks and do their study/homework; work on their enterprise projects; planning etc.  Prep class is run by Tutor Mika Sakai-Cates who is a trained teacher.  She is available to support our academy members with their school work.  During the holidays, Prep Class is replaced by team bonding/social opportunities or unique experiences such as a speaker visiting the club or learning a new sport or skill.
  • Online Private Lesson with Coach Ashleigh (1x 30 minute session per month)
  • Individual Training Plans (1 per month)
  • Enterprise opportunities and mentoring (to help athletes fund some of their sports costs)
  • Academy camp – a training and team bonding camp, 2 days/1 night (1x per year)
  • Routine analysis (2x per year)
  • Academy photographs (1x official photographs by a professional photographer per year)
  • Open Gym Access (these are offered on most Wednesdays and Saturdays throughout the year)
  • Messenger Group – accessible support and communication for all members (and their parents)
  • Athlete Plus Subscription Access – an online resource to provide information and support their sports journey (i.e. nutrition, conditioning, mental skills training etc)

How to Join our Academy Programme

We want families/athletes coming into our Academy programme to have a similar philosophy to youth sport as us.  Therefore we would ask for a letter of recommendation from the athlete’s previous sports club or a written reference from one of our current academy families (if they know the family well) before we accepted them into our Academy programme.  Alternatively, we would recommend the athlete enrolls in one of our other programmes for a year, so we can get to know them first to make sure the academy fits with what they are wanting to get out of their youth sport experience.

To request an information pack, please contact

2020 Academy Captains:

Caitlin Leathem
Madi Dackers

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