Here at Active Attitude we have the following academies:

Aerobic Gymnastics Academy

Trampoline Academy

Tumbling Academy

What are academies?  An academy is the name we have given our competitive programme here at Active Attitude.  In sports, academies are often seen as a selective programme for those athletes that have been scouted.  Here at Active Attitude we believe every competitive member has the potential to do amazing things in sport and being part of our academy means that we provide you with extra opportunities within our programmes to become a great person and the best athlete you can be.

Academy Captains

Jayden Lambert (Trampoline Captain 2019)

Caitlin Leathem (Tumbling Captain 2019)

Brooke Foster (Aerobics Captain 2019)

Brooke Foster (Aerobics): Bubbly and motivated, but also serious when she knows something needs to be done.  Brooke likes to be ready and enjoys leading a team.

Caitlin Leathem (Tumble): A very supportive and encouraging team player.  She is determined and willing to give everything a go.  She sets SMART Goals and encourages others to do the same.

Jayden Lambert (Trampoline): He is determined and willing to have a laugh at the right time.  Jayden is observant and daring, and is looking forward to encouraging his team.

Academy Advantage Sessions

Here at Active Attitude we hold an Academy Advantage session each month.  These sessions are optional and are available to all our academy members (ages 10-18).  There are different topics and presenters each month, to provide our members with extra opportunities to grow as people and athletes through shared experiences.  There is no set charge for these sessions, however we do ask that athletes show they value these sessions by providing a donation to a different charity or cause at each session.  Our Captains and Academy Team Leaders make a collective decision on what causes and charities to support each month.

Our next session will be Sunday 23rd June 3:00-4:30pm at Active Attitude.

Presenter: Suzanne Page

Donations to: SPCA

Session Topic: Mindfulness

This session will provide athletes with an opportunity to understand mindfulness.

All athletes in our Aerobics, Trampoline and Tumbling Academies are welcome to attend these sessions.  Please use our online booking system to register.  Parents – you are also welcome to sit in on this session.

Scheduled dates for our Academy Advantage Sessions:
Sunday 23rd June 3-4:30 PM
Sunday 7th July 3-4:30 PM
Sunday 18th August 3-4:30 PM
Saturday 7th September 1-2:30 PM
Sunday 20th October 3-4:30 PM
Sunday 17th November 3-4:30 PM
Previous Sessions:
May 2019: “Self Defense” presented by David (Self Defense Northland)
April 2019: “Getting the most out of your coach” presented by Ashleigh McCaw (Active Attitude Director)
March 2019: “Diving in to it!” presented by Rebecca Woodhead (Active Attitude’s Trampoline & Tumbling Team Leader)
February 2019: “Winning is an Attitude” presented by Rowena McEvoy (Founder of MAX College of Fitness Professionals).  You can view Rowie’s chat here.

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