Break Dancing

Class Description:

Break dancing is also called “Breaking” and it is best described as an athletic style of street dance.  Our classes consist of exploring the four types of movements found within break dancing: toprock (the foot movements performed from a standing position), downrock (these are movements on the floor with the body supported on the hands and feet), power moves (movements that rely on speed, momentum and acrobatic elements similar to those learnt in gymnastics) and freezes (stopping all body motion to demonstrate an interesting position or balance).

Class Details

Beginner Break Dancing

**Break dance classes will be returning February 2022**

*See here for class times

Prerequisites: None

Tuition Package: $54 monthly subscription or $540 annual subscription.  Further information about our class subscriptions can be found here 

Allocated Open Gym Sessions: Aerobics & Dance Open Gym – Sunday 2:30 PM – 3:30 PM.  Open Gym sessions are a complimentary part of your subscription package.  Further information about “Open Gym Sessions” can be found here.

How to register: Contact or (09) 945 4876


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