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We are excited to announce the launch of “Active Attitude Online” where children and young athletes can keep active at home through activities, skills and routines on our online platform, with new content being added weekly.  Check out our subscription options below:

Under 5’s : $29 per month (suitable for ages 2-5)

Gymnastics: $29 per month (suitable recreational participants ages 5-14)

Aerobics: $29 per month (suitable for recreational and competitive athletes ages 5-18)

Beat the Feet: $29 per month (suitable for children (ages 5-10) that want to have fun moving to music)

Tumble: $29 per month (suitable for recreational and competitive athletes ages 5-18)

Cheerleading: $29 per month (suitable for recreational and competitive athletes ages 5-14)

Athlete Plus: $29 per month (for extra-mile competitive athletes ages 11-18)

Full Package (get access to all the subscriptions listed above): $60 per month

Keep your child or young athlete active and learning at home.  Click here to subscribe.



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