Big Sister Hang-Out

One of the components of our Academy Programme is that the athletes learn enterprise skills to assist them with raising funds to support their sports goals.  Our Academy athletes first enterprise project is a “Big Sister Hang-Out” where they are designing fun 2 hour experiences at Active Attitude for girls ages 5-12.  Do you have a daughter who would like to have a Big Sister experience where they get to hang-out with our Academy athletes and participate in some fun and creative activities?

Check out what our athletes have planned below…

Caitlin & Madi: Braiding, nail painting, dream catcher making, rock painting and canvas painting.  Ages 5-10.  $30 per child. 4 spaces available.

Danika: Arts & Crafts.  Ages 5-12.  $25 per child.  2 spaces available.

Jordyn: Shoe Painting.  Ages 7-10.  $25 per child (early bird rate: $20 if booked/paid by 1st September). 2 spaces available.

Billie & Ava: Decorating jars, chalk jars, making bracelets/necklaces, homemade play dough, DIY squishy, building your own games, Popsicle stick creations, DIY face masks. Ages 6-9. $30 per child. 4 spaces available.

Annabel, Jessica & Ellie: Drawing, colouring and games. Ages 5-10.  $35 per child (early bird rate of $30 if you book before 12th September) 6 spaces available.

Emma, Grace & Bree: Build huts, paint/draw, play fun games and do exciting challenges.  Ages: 5-12.  $20 per child.  6 spaces available.

Leah & Piper: Fun science experiments (making slime, clouds in a jar, DIY Lava lamps and much more).  Ages 6-10.  $30 per child. 4 spaces available.

How to register:

(1) E-mail: – please let us know the name, age of your daughter and what “Big Sister Hang-out” they would like to register for.

(2) Our Academy Captains (Madi & Caitlin) will reply to your e-mail to confirm your registration.  They will also send you through payment information and a permission slip to complete.

Please Note:

  • These activities will be lead and created by our Academy athletes and we will have 3 adults (Active Attitude staff members) supervising.
  • If we are in Covid-19 Alert Levels 3-4 during the Big Sister Hang-out Day, we will postpone to a later date.  If we are in Level 2, some activities may need to be adapted due to physical distancing requirements.
  • This is a fundraiser for the Academy Athletes (ages 12-17) who are learning enterprise skills – it is an opportunity for them to provide a service and gain skills through this experience, while also providing a positive and fun-filled afternoon for young girls.
  • Each group has limited spaces for their activities, so registrations are based on first in first served.

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Big Sister Hang-Out

One of the components of our Academy Programme is that the athletes learn enterprise skills to assist them with raising …

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