Registration FAQs

How do we register our child for classes?

We are currently updating to a new online registration/booking system.  In the meantime, our friendly admin team are taking registrations.  You can contact them on or (09) 945 4876

What does perpetual class enrolment mean?

Perpetual class enrolment means that your child will continue to be registered in their class provided their membership fees are kept up to date.  Classes run continuously throughout the year with the exception of public holidays and Active Attitude’s annual close down period.

Classes run all year round (even during school holidays), with the exception of Public Holidays and our annual Active Attitude close down period which is from 24th December 2020 – 4th January 2021.  Public holidays not listed in this closed down period are: Monday 26th October 2020 (Labour Day); Monday 1st February 2021 (Anniversary Day); Saturday 6th February (Waitangi); Monday 8th February 2021 (Waitangi Holiday); Friday 2nd April 2021 (Good Friday); Monday 5th April 2021 (Easter Monday); Monday 26th April 2021 (ANZAC); Monday 7th June 2021 (Queens Birthday); Monday 25th October 2021 (Labour Day).  2021 -2022 Active Attitude annual close down period: 24th December 2021 – 4th January 2022.

What packages are available?

Monthly Package ($54 per month)

  • 45 minute – 1 hour registered class per week
  • 45 minute – 1 hour open gym class per week
  • Curriculum awards

Annual Package ($648 per year)

  • 45 minute – 1 hour registered class per week
  • 45 minute – 1 hour open gym class per week
  • Curriculum awards
  • Active Attitude T-shirt
  • Professional photographs of your child at Active Attitude (3 digital images)
  • 12 month access to Active Attitude’s Online Learning Platform

Academy Package (please e-mail for further information about this package) 

Can we register part way through the month or do we need to wait until the 1st of the month?

We take registrations at any time.  If you register part way through the month, then you will receive a pro-rata invoice for what is left in the month and then your payments will align with the 1st of the month going forward.

Do they still come to classes during the school holidays?

Yes classes run over the school holidays.  The only times classes don’t run are during our annual close down period over Christmas-New Years and we close on public holidays.

Do we get a discounted monthly rate if one of my child’s classes falls on a public holiday?

No.  Monthly payment packages were developed with families in mind after the Covid-19 lock-down.  The main benefit of monthly payments is to spread the cost of a year’s lessons over 12 months, so we have essentially totaled the cost of our programme and then divided by 12.  We have also added in additional value to our monthly package such as open gyms and curriculum awards.  One of our reasons behind having open gyms is so children can essentially have another opportunity to practice their skills during the week if they can’t make it to their weekly scheduled session.  If you really want to make the most out of your monthly package you can come to your weekly scheduled class and an open gym each week, which would give you at least 8 sessions per month.

What happens if my child is signed up for a monthly or annual package and they change their mind and want to do another activity?

If your child is signed up for one of our classes and you want to change classes because another day in the week might suit better or your child’s interests have changed (i.e. they were doing gymnastics and now want to do cheerleading) we are more than happy to transfer your child over to another one of our programmes (provided they meet the programme pre-requisites and there is availability in the class).  You can request a class transfer by e-mailing  

What do we need to do if we want to stop our membership (i.e. can we stop for a couple of months) and is it possible to sign-up again in the future?

A minimum of 1 months written notice prior to your child’s membership subscription rolling over (which is on the 1st of the month) is required to stop a membership. Yes you can stop your membership and sign up again in the future, however please note, we can not hold your child’s place in a class if you decide to stop your membership for a couple of months, so them being able to return to the same class will be based on whether the class has availability when they return.

My child gets to do an open gym session each week as part of their package – what is an open gym class and how is this different to the class they are registered in?

Open gym sessions are an extra opportunity for our members to practice their skills under the supervision of a coach.  Open gym sessions are different from your child’s registered class as coach(s) rostered on for open gyms may be different to your child’s regular coach(s) and those attending may be from a range of our classes.  Open gyms are a great opportunity for your child to meet other Active Attitude members.  Open gym sessions are also structured differently as part of the session is based on set activities taught by the coach, while providing an opportunity within the session for the child to practice what interests them, or skills they would like further assistance with, and can explore activities more at their own pace.

We have the following currently available at Active Attitude (9 Commerce Street):

Open Gym for Gymnastics – Saturday 8:30 – 9:30am

Open Gym for Academy athletes and Competitive Cheer athletes – Saturday 10:15-11:45am

Open Gym for Trampoline, Tumble & Recreational Cheer – Saturday 11:45-12:45pm

Open Gym for Parkour – Saturday 12:45-1:45pm

Open Gym for the Aerobics & Dance – Sunday 2:30 – 3:30pm

Open Gym for Under 5 Fundamentals & Active Fundamentals – Sunday 3:30-4:30pm

You do Trampoline and Tumble classes together.  Why is this and can my child just focus on one instead of both?

Trampoline and Tumble compliment each other and some of the skills are very similar.  These classes will offer a mixture of both these activities, however if your child specifically just wants to focus on Trampoline or Tumble then please let your child’s coach know as this can be arranged within the class.




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