One-one tuition or group sessions are available. Active Attitude can come to you and bring along swimming equipment to assist learning. We do not have our own swimming facility, therefore we utilise home pools, school pools or community pools (if possible).

Are you an adult who has never learnt to swim? Did you have a bad experience which put you off water? Does your child have a fear for water or are they currently struggling to learn in a group situation? Private one-one lessons may be a good option. To discuss this further, please contact ashleigh@activeattitude.co.nz.

Our next 4 day swimming block course is coming up in January at One Tree Point Primary School Pool (Monday 11th – Thursday 14th January 2021)

Tuition costs: Private lessons ($136 for the 4 day block course/4x 20 minute sessions), Group lessons* ($68 for the 4 day block course/4x 25 minute sessions).

*To work out which group is best for your child’s ability, please have a look at our Active Attitude Swimming Groups

To register for the One Tree Point Swimming Block Course, please Register Here to use our new online booking and payment system.  For instructions on how to make a booking please click here: How to Book a Swimming Block Course – instructions for using new booking system


9:20-9:40am: Private lesson (Booked)

9:40am-10:00am: Private lesson (Booked)

10:00am-10:20am: Private lesson (Booked)

10:20am-10:40am: Private lesson (Booked)

10:40am-11:00am: Pre-schoolers and Parents (Available)

12:00-12:20pm: Private lesson (Booked)

12:20-12:40pm: Private lesson (Booked)

12:45-1:10pm: Putting it all Together (ages 7-10) (Available)

1:15-1:40pm: Putting it all Together (ages 5-8) (Available)

1:45-2:10pm: Let’s Go Under (ages 4-6) (Booked)

2:15-2:35pm: Private Lesson (Booked)

2:45-3:10pm: Let’s Go Under (ages 4-7) (Booked)

3:10-3:30pm: Private Lesson (Booked)

3:30-3:55pm: Breathers (ages 5-8) (Booked)

3:55-4:20pm: Streamliners (ages 5-8) (Booked)

4:20-4:40pm: Private lesson (Booked)

4:40-5:05pm: Streamliners (ages 5-10) (Available)

Please note:

  • Parents/carers are to stay and watch the session and no members of the public are to go into the pool while the lessons are going on.
  • If the the weather conditions are unsafe for swimming, Active Attitude will advise participants and a credit or refund will be made to participants for that day’s lessons.
  • Private lessons are 1 participant: 1 instructor (there may be other participants in the pool at the same time, but they will be with another instructor).
  • Group lessons have up to 4 children.
  • Pre-school and Parents lessons have up to 8 children.

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