Active Attitude Holiday Programmes

Active Attitude takes pride in making sure that holiday programmes are exciting, educational and entertaining for children.  We only take 20 participants per programme to insure quality child care and instruction.  Each holiday programme day involves a gymnastics segment; an art/craft activity; various activities related to that day’s theme and opportunities for supervised free play.

How to Book a Holiday Programme – instructions for using new booking system

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What your child should bring to the holiday programme:

  • A named drink bottle
  • Socks
  • A packed lunch and snacks
  • Any medication they may require (please hand this in to one of the holiday programme coaches when you arrive)
  • Please make sure they are wearing clothes that they feel comfortable moving in.
  • A change of clothes (if it is a messy games day or a water day).

Parents also please remember:

  • To pick your child up on time (3:00pm or earlier).
  • Make sure your emergency contact details and child’s medical information is up to date on our online booking system (please ask one of our friendly admin team members if you need assistance with this).
  • If someone else is picking up your child that day – please write this on the sign in form or e-mail us a message giving us permission to send your child home with another person.
  • Please make sure your fees have been paid.
  • Our holiday programme policies can be found at the front desk where you sign your child in.
  • You are welcome to drop your child off anytime from 8:30am onwards and pick-up is at 3pm or earlier.  You are also welcome to come in and visit your child throughout the day.
  • If it gets to 3:10pm and you are yet to pick up your child, there will be a $10 fee charged to your account to cover the extra time the coach has had to stay supervising your child.  Further information regarding our late pick-up fees can be found in our holiday programme policy handbook.
  • If you would like to extend the time your child is with us, this can be arranged in advance.  This is $10 per child after 3:00pm and up until 5:30pm.



April Holiday Programme:

Monday 19th April Available

Tuesday 20th April Available

Wednesday 21st April Available

Thursday 22nd April Available

Friday 23rd April Available

Tuesday 27th April Available

Wednesday 28th April Available

Thursday 29th April Available

Friday 30th April Available

July Holiday Programme:

Monday 12th July Available

Tuesday 13th July Available

Wednesday 14th July Available

Thursday 15th July Available

Friday 16th July Available

Monday 19th July Available

Tuesday 20th July Available

Wednesday 21st July Available

Thursday 22nd July Available

Friday 23rd July Available

October Holiday Programme:

Monday 4th October Available

Tuesday 5th October Available

Wednesday 6th October Available

Thursday 7th October Available

Friday 8th October Available

Monday 11th October Available

Tuesday 12th October Available

Wednesday 13th October Available

Thursday 14th October Available

Friday 15th October Available

December Holiday Programme:

Monday 13th December Available

Tuesday 14th December Available

Wednesday 15th December Available

Thursday 16th December Available

Friday 17th December Available

Monday 20th December Available

Tuesday 21st December Available

Wednesday 22nd December Available

Thursday 23rd December Available