Active Angels

Active AngelsWe are very fortunate to be able to pass on the generosity of others to support youth in sport.  Our Active Angels are individuals and organisations that provide donations for Active Attitude to pass on to support youth in their Active Attitude tuition and/or other costs that may be associated with their physical activity (i.e. uniform costs, workshop tuition etc).

2023 saw the first scholarships awarded to some of our cheerleading athletes from anonymous donors to assist the athletes with their development in the sport.

A massive thank-you goes out to those who have donated - thank-you for gifting children with the opportunity to grow and develop through sport.

If you are someone or an organisation that would like to assist young people with their involvement in sport and would like to see that money go directly to that young person's sporting costs, then this is a great opportunity to be part of something special.  If you are interested in being an Active Angel, please contact our Director (Ashleigh)

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