Active Attitude Registration FAQs

How do we register our child for classes and become a member?

You can register for classes by creating an account via our online portal

If you have any issues registering, you can contact us at or (09) 945 4876

Can we do a trial session before signing up for classes?

Our classes are in high demand and therefore we can no longer take trial sessions as this can impact on our coach: child class ratio.  However, at Active Attitude, we value the satisfaction and happiness of our young learners. We strive to ensure that every child enjoys their class and gains a positive experience. With that in mind, we offer a money-back guarantee if your child doesn't enjoy their class after two consecutive sessions.

Here's how our money-back guarantee policy works:

  1. Enrolment and payment: Upon enrolling your child in our classes, you'll be required to make the initial payment for a specified duration.
  1. Two consecutive sessions: After your child attends two consecutive sessions, we kindly request that you evaluate their experience and determine if they are enjoying the class. We believe this is an adequate time frame for them to get a sense of the class structure, activities, and engagement.  If they aren't enjoying the class but are loving the Active Attitude environment, we will happily transfer them over to another class.  Alternatively, you can request a refund.
  1. Requesting a refund: If your child is a first time member, and after the second consecutive session, you feel that your child isn't enjoying the class, please reach out to within five business days of the second session to initiate the refund process.
  1. Refund procedure: Our customer support team will guide you through the refund procedure. We'll ask you a few questions to understand your child's experience and gather feedback to help us improve our classes. Once the refund is approved, we will process it within 20 days and refund the amount paid for the remaining sessions.
  1. Feedback and improvement: While processing the refund, we encourage you to provide us with constructive feedback about your child's experience. This feedback will assist us in enhancing our classes and ensuring every child has a positive learning environment.

Please note that this money-back guarantee is applicable only if your child hasn't enjoyed the class after two consecutive sessions. If your child continues attending beyond this point, the guarantee will no longer apply.

 We hope that this money-back guarantee provides you with peace of mind and reassurance. We genuinely care about your child's experience and will do our best to make their learning journey enjoyable and fulfilling. If you have any further questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

What packages are available?

Monthly Package ($89 per month)

  • 45 minute – 1 hour registered class per week*
  • 45 minute – 1 hour bonus/open gym class per week*
  • Curriculum awards
  • Exclusive member rates – Holiday Programme: $47 (usually $52)
  • 30 days' notice is required to stop your membership

Annual Package ($890 per year - a saving of $210)

  • 45 minute – 1 hour registered class per week*
  • 45 minute – 1 hour open gym class per week*
  • Curriculum awards
  • Active Attitude T-shirt
  • Exclusive member rates – Holiday Programme: $47 (usually $52)
  • Annual membership rate is locked in for future renewal

Does your child have siblings or do extra classes? Find out your savings by getting an annual membership quote here

When do classes run?

Classes run all year round (even during school holidays), with the exception of our annual Active Attitude close down period and a few other dates such as public holidays etc.

We are closed on the following days coming up:

Friday 14th July (Matariki)

Sunday 22nd October (Labour weekend)

Monday 23rd October (Labour Day)

Active Attitude annual close down period: 24th December 2023 – 4th January 2024.  Our first day back for 2024 will be Friday 5th January.

Please note: Active Attitude has no control over Government enforced Covid-19 restrictions or acts of nature (i.e. Tsunami warnings, flooding etc.) which may cause Active Attitude to be temporarily closed. If your child’s weekly registered class is not held because of a closure, we recommend that you make use of the added value Active Attitude provides you throughout the year in the way of bonus/open gym sessions.

What does perpetual class enrolment mean?

Perpetual class enrolment means that your child will continue to be registered in their class provided their membership fees are kept up to date. Classes run continuously throughout the year with the exception of public holidays, enforced closures and Active Attitude’s annual close down period. To stop your child’s membership, we require 30 days notice (this can be done via your online account).

Can we register part way through the month or do we need to wait until the 1st of the month?

We take registrations at any time. If you register part way through the month, then our booking system will only charge a pro-rata amount for what is left in the month and then your payments will align with the 1st of the month going forward.

Do we get a discounted monthly rate if one of my child’s classes falls on a public holiday?

No.  We have added in additional value to our packages in the way of weekend bonus sessions as a way to compensate for time away from the gym. One of our reasons behind having bonus sessions is so children can have another opportunity to practice their skills during the week if they can’t make it to their weekly scheduled class. If you really want to make the most out of your monthly package you can come to your weekly scheduled class and a bonus sessions each week, which would give you at least 8 sessions per month.

What happens if my child is signed up for a monthly or annual package and they change their mind and want to do another activity?

If your child is signed up for one of our classes and you want to change classes because another day in the week might suit better or your child’s interests have changed (i.e. they were doing gymnastics and now want to do cheerleading) we are more than happy to transfer your child over to another one of our programmes (provided they meet the programme pre-requisites and there is availability in the class). You can request a class transfer by e-mailing

What do we need to do if we want to stop our membership (i.e. can we stop for a couple of months) and is it possible to sign-up again in the future?

A minimum of 30 days notice is required to stop a membership (you can do this via your online account). Yes you can stop your membership and sign up again in the future. However, please note, we can not hold your child’s place in a class if you decide to stop your membership for a couple of months, so returning to the same class will be based on whether the class has availability. We require 30 days notice to stop a membership, so we can make changes to our programme operations and therefore keep our organisation sustainable.  As an example: If you give notice on the 10th September, then your child's membership drop date would be the 10th October, which means you would have a pro rata amount to pay on the 1st October.

Do you have a special rate for a child who wants to take additional classes or for families with multiple children taking classes?

We have special family packages available.  The first child in the family is at the standard $85 per month rate, and each child after that is at a $59 per month rate (the same applies for a child who takes multiple classes, the first class is $85 per month, additional classes are $59 each per month).  If you would like an Annual Family Package, please request a quote here.

My child gets to do a bonus/open gym session each week as part of their package – what is a bonus session and how is this different to the class they are registered in?

Bonus sessions are an extra opportunity for our members to practice their skills under the supervision of a coach. Bonus sessions are different from your child’s registered class as coach(s) rostered on for bonus/open gym sessions may be different to your child’s regular coach(s) and those attending may be from a range of our classes. Bonus sessions are a great opportunity for your child to meet other Active Attitude members. Bonus sessions are also structured differently as part of the session is based on set activities taught by the coach, while providing an opportunity within the session for the child to practice what interests them, or skills they would like further assistance with, and can explore activities more at their own pace.

We have the following currently available at Active Attitude (9 Commerce Street):

  • Bonus session for Gymnastics (ages 5-12) – Saturday 8:30 – 9:30am
  • Open gym session for Teen Gymnastics, Obstacle Racing, Adults & Competitive Cheer athletes – Saturday 10:15-11:45am
  • Bonus session for Trampoline, Tumble, Aerobics & Recreational Cheer – Saturday 11:45-12:45pm
  • Bonus session for Parkour, Breaking & Ninja – Saturday 12:45-1:45pm
  • Bonus session for Under 5’s and 5 year olds – Sunday 3:30-4:15pm

Please note: Bonus sessions do not apply to swimming classes.

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