Health & Safety and Covid Restrictions

Health & Safety

  • It is the parent’s responsibility to supervise the child at all times in the carpark.
  • No participant should use any equipment or be in a training area without the permission of a coach.
  • For safety reasons, non-enrolled children must remain off the gym floor.
  • If a student is, for any reason, asked to take time out of class for behaviour reasons, they will be asked to sit out all or part of the session in a safe location where they can be seen by the coach.
  • Parent interaction with coaches during session time, should be avoided unless necessary, so coaches can maintain the flow and focus of the class they are teaching.
  • No flash photography is permitted in case it distracts an athlete.

Health Considerations

  • Please keep children who are ill or contagious home until they have recovered.
  • Caregivers are expected to notify Active Attitude (either via email or by making a note under medical conditions in their online profile) if a child has a health or physical condition that may require special care during their participation in our sessions.


Caring for our Gymnasium

  • Participants are expected to respect Active Attitude’s equipment and environment.
  • There is no eating permitted in the gymnasium other than the foyer area where the concrete floor is.
  • Clothes should not have buckles or zips that are exposed which could tear the mats or flooring.

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