Beginner Break Dancing
Beginner Break Dancing
Beginner Break Dancing

Beginner Break Dancing

Break dancing is also called “Breaking” and it is best described as an athletic style of street dance.  Our classes consist of exploring the four types of movements found within break dancing:

  • toprock (the foot movements performed from a standing position)
  • downrock (these are movements on the floor with the body supported on the hands and feet)
  • power moves (movements that rely on speed, momentum and acrobatic elements similar to those learnt in gymnastics)
  • and freezes (stopping all body motion to demonstrate an interesting position or balance)

For ages: 7-12

Pre-requisites: None

Class details: Break dancing classes have recently returned to Active Attitude and are held on Fridays 4:15-5:15pm.

Tuition: Choose a Monthly or Annual membership package.  Full information about what is included in our memberships can be found here.

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Our coaches teach sport because they want to make a difference in the lives of young people. All of our coaches have their First Aid certificates, are Police Checked, and will ensure the tuition we are providing your child is fun, safe and developmentally appropriate.


Since we started gymnastics my girls have grown and developed so much. Fantastic teachers and a great environment.

The skill set of these ladies is amazing! Great kind attitudes and extremely professional. A huge thank you and congrats on a fantastic business.

Kids have the opportunity to develop strength, flexibility, coordination, build confidence and even listening skills.