Reviews from Parents

 "My daughter is loving being at Active Attitude, she is involved with gymnastics and swimming.  I also know Ashleigh from her wonderful gymnastics program from schools.  She is very caring, allows children to develop confidence in their ability with positive reinforcement.  Not only does she teach the correct techniques but she applies this approach through fun games and skills.  Keep up the great work Active Attitude!" - S. Halford


"Such a warm, welcoming, friendly environment. My daughter moved up a class and she was not happy about it, but the wonderful team of coaches came together and eventually, she got stuck in. I would like to thank them all for being such amazing people with her. They are consistently building her confidence in gymnastics and have done so since she began with them. Thank you so much team." - A. Thompson


“We had my 5 year olds birthday party here today. Such a fantastic venue all the kids played and danced and had an absolute ball. Thank you for a very stress free party!” - T. Boobyer 


“Both my girls have learned so much in the gym classes and had an awesome 5th birthday party there as well, loads of activities and games. So easy, all the kids had heaps of FUN!!!” J. Taylor (Parent) 


‘”Since we started gymnastics my girls have grown and developed so much. Fantastic teachers and a great environment.” - Parent 


“Active attitude is Amazing the team is so happy n positive!! My daughter had only been attending for a short time but absolutely loves it!! Always has a lot of giggles n laughs. Thanks to her coach Nat you make Hayley's Friday’s Fabulous!! Thanks Active Attitude Whangarei you girls n guys rock!!!” - Parent  


“I had for a long time enquired around town and wondered why there was no Gymnastics’ or similar classes available in town.  I was one of the first to sign up my 3 children.  My eldest daughter absolutely loves gymnastics and I feel that it’s a great opportunity for kids to have this available to help develop there awareness of their bodies.  She is always practicing her cartwheels, rolls and walkover’s.  My other Daughter doesn’t have a very athletic body shape and is a little cumbersome.  Gymnastics’ has made her aware of her body movements and she looks forward to a Wednesday every week.  She is so proud of her handstand/cartwheel now.  The improvement is fantastic and without the Active Attitude team she would still be the little sister that couldn’t and now she tries’ her little heart out.”  - F. Pyke (Parent to 3 budding gymnasts) 


We are so lucky to have gymnastics in our community after so many years absence. It’s popular and very professionally run by Active Attitude. Kids have the opportunity to develop strength, flexibility, coordination, build confidence and even listening skills. All this and more has provided a valuable and fun opportunity for my daughter and other kids in the Dargaville area.” - J. Talijancich (Parent) 


“Gymnastics in Dargaville is a fantastic opportunity for our children to attend.  My son goes and has a great time meeting new people and learning what Ashleigh has to offer, my daughter will be attending when she is a little older.  Ashleigh is fantastic at what she does with the children.” - J. Mager (Parent) 


“My daughter has been taking part for the last 3 terms in the gymnastic sessions run by Ashleigh McCaw of Active Attitude.  She absolutely loves it.  Not only is it physically great for her, but she has grown in confidence and appreciation of her body shape.  Having classes like this offered in Dargaville is fantastic for the community.  It offers our children a chance to experience a sport that they would normally have to travel to Whangarei to participate in.  I currently work at a local Kindergarten and we recently took the children down to a Gymsports day held by Active Attitude in the town hall.  We took 30 children and all had a ball.  The organisation was fantastic and a different range of activities had our children engaged the whole time.  Since going there we have at least 3 families enquiring as to enrolling their children in gymnastics for next term.  I can not speak highly enough of these classes.” - C. Milner (Parent) 


Hi Ashleigh, I would like to commend you on the gymnastics programme that you bring to Dargaville on Wednesdays. As you know I bring Becki my preschooler and Dani my nearly 6 year old along to their respective classes and they both absolutely love it! In fact Becki is pretty hard to keep still while we are watching her sister as she would much rather be out on the floor having fun.

Prior to your coming over to Dargaville there wasn’t any choice if your child was interested in learning gymnastics, you had to travel to Whangarei, which incidentally is where we travel to at the moment for ballet lessons and it certainly makes for a pretty tired grumpy school girl (as well as Mum and younger sister) as we don’t get back until late. It’s such a welcome change to have something so close to school and home and so affordable too.

The change in Dani’s upper body strength alone has been quite incredible. She also has developed better concentration and balance along with improved eye hand co-ordination which as we all know is so important when mastering the art of writing.

I can’t thank you enough for all you are doing for our young ones and it’s great to see so many of them up and off their butts (and their mobile phones) for a change. I believe participation in some form of organised physical activity is just as important as the academic side of learning and assists in the development of healthy self esteem, consideration and support for others not mention the benefits to your overall health and fitness.

I know of others who have only recently been made aware of your programme and are very keen to enrol their child/ren. Keep up the great work.

Many thanks, N. Lowe (Parent) 


Reviews about the Run Jump Throw programme we deliver to Schools 2013-2014

“Successful elements: Involvement and success of all students involved.  Exposure to the activities that they were due to participate in at the combined school Athletics day.  It was structured such that the activities met needs of our multi level classroom.” C. Everson (Principal, Waiotira Primary School)


Reviews from Schools – 8 Week School Gymnastics Programme

“It was all excellent and suited to each age range with extension of individual skills and techniques.” J. Yuhayco (Christian Renewal School).  Term 3 2017.


“Enjoyed the multi-levelled differentiation – the older ones engaged and the older ones suitably challenged.” C. Everson (Waiotira School).  Term 2 2017.


“School really enjoyed the programme – fantastic equipment, location and coaches.  Building confidence with forwards/backwards rolls, beam work, trampoline and landings.  Great having extension activities and challenges.” N.Gillard (Whangarei Adventist Christian School, 2016)


“Super organised and fun activities.  No down time, keeps kids focused the full hour.  Well-progressed skill development and we saw amazing progress and confidence development.” C. Everson (Principal, Waiotira Primary School, 2015).


“Successful elements: Ashleigh’s knowledge of gymnastics – great modelling; excellent organisational skills; great management of the children; reliability.  Lessons were well structured, sequential in skill development.  Children all loved the experience and grew in their confidence and skill levels.  As a teacher, great to watch class development.” (Teacher, Whangaruru School). Term 2, 2013.


“Skill level of students increased.  Confidence improved.” (Principal, Poroti School). Term 3, 2013.


“Dear Ashleigh, We all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and our gross motor skills have improved thanks to your gymnastics tuition….  Successful elements: We liked the way Ashleigh scaffolded the students’ skill development.  Ashleigh provided lots of activities so that the students were not waiting long for a turn.  Ashleigh’s demonstrations were easy to copy.  She told the student’s what to expect next time.  The equipment was suited to our wide age and ability range.” (Teacher, C. Henwood).  Term 3, 2013.


“Successful elements: Participation throughout from Yr 1 – Yr 8.  Activities and rotation of children through exercises.  Skill acquisition of children.  Really enjoyed, could see the enthusiasm!  Enjoyed the way you wove activities/games – even made it relevant for my rugby boys!” (S. Delemare, Teacher – Matarau School). Term 3, 2013.


“Successful elements: Organisation and behaviour management of kids.  Kids loved it!” (E. Hakaraia, Teacher – Otaika Valley School). Term 4, 2013.


“Successful elements: Skill progressions made it achievable for all students to develop over time.  Great organisation.  Behaviour management is solid.  Ashleigh is exceptional!” (P. Bray, Teacher – Hukerenui School). Term 4, 2013.


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