Swimming Lessons
Swimming Lessons
Swimming Lessons
Swimming Lessons
Swimming Lessons
Swimming Lessons

Swimming Lessons

We are currently waiting on a new pool to go in our facility.  In the meantime, we are running a 4 day block of 1:1 swimming lessons at Hurupaki School Pool.  Coach Ashleigh and Coach Ty will be delivering these sessions.  Spots are limited, register here today.

Booking in to a 4 day swimming block course means you will have a 20 minute lesson each day at the same time for 4 days in a row.  The 4 day block course that we are running at the Hurupaki School Pool is from Monday 22nd January - Thursday 25th January 2024.

Health and Safety - Please note: It is a requirement that the parent/caregiver is present watching the lesson.

Important Policy regarding 4 Day Block Courses: when signing up for these, you must book for all 4 sessions.

Let's Go Under (Level 1)

This class is for complete beginners or for those with limited confidence moving in the water.  In this class our objectives are:

- Learn how to enter and exit pool safely

- Submerging

- Moving confidently in and under the water

- Starfish float unassisted on front for 4 seconds

- Assisted starfish float on back

Streamliners (Level 2)

This class is for those that can submerge and float unassisted on their front for 4 seconds.  In this class our objectives are:

- Streamlined body

- Correct head position

- "Long legs" kicking

- Freestyle arms and kicking for 4 metres.

- Unassisted starfish float on back (and learning how to stand up from back float)

- Kicking unassisted on back

- Roll from front float to back

Putting it all Together (Level 3)

This class is for those that can kick at least 4 metres on their back; and can also do freestyle arms and kicking for 4 metres.  In this class our objectives are:

- Freestyle arm stroking and kicking for 6 metres

- Backstroke arms and kicking for 10 metres

- Kicking on side in "breathing position"

Breathers (Level 4)

This class is for those that can already swim at least 6 metres doing freestyle and 9 metres doing backstroke.  In this class our objectives are:

- Bi-lateral freestyle breathing for 9 metres

- Improving backstroke technique

- Breaststroke kick



Could private lessons be a good option for you?

Did you have a bad experience which put you off water? Does your child have a fear for water or are they currently struggling to learn in a group situation? Private one-one lessons may be a good option.


"Ashleigh is amazing. My son has had 3 lessons and advanced so much. He was scared of laying on his back, putting his face in the water but can do these without freaking out. She is so encouraging and listens to the kids and how they are feeling in the water. Highly recommend her classes." - S. Ruddell


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Our coaches teach sport because they want to make a difference in the lives of young people. All of our coaches have their First Aid certificates, are Police Checked, and will ensure the tuition we are providing your child is fun, safe and developmentally appropriate.


Since we started gymnastics my girls have grown and developed so much. Fantastic teachers and a great environment.

The skill set of these ladies is amazing! Great kind attitudes and extremely professional. A huge thank you and congrats on a fantastic business.

Kids have the opportunity to develop strength, flexibility, coordination, build confidence and even listening skills.